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It’s amazing when two innocuous things come together that unintentionally make you look like a pedophile… November 22, 2005, 2:17 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Random, Crazy Shit.

…kind of like how when your high school chemistry teacher went to great lengths to show how two substances that are toxic (sodium and chloride) can go together to form harmless table salt, a strange crazy combo happened to me the other day, and it wasn’t the kind that Wendy’s is doing these days where they allow you to substitute chili instead of getting fries.  (What’s up with that?)  So I have a picture of me on this other site right now, and it happens to be with my little sister.  I know that she is my sister.  My friends know that she is my sister.  But the unknown masses that visit my site daily sure as shit don’t know that. Right now you are probably thinking “yeah so, what’s your point??  It’s called patience bitches, learn some!  Now, I like a name change every now and then like everyone else, so I had changed my name from “Funky Fresh and Monkey Love” to “Levitron and the Love Box” –  (one karaoke band persona to another). Well, as my buddy Cray so kindly pointed out to me, the unfamiliar might take one look at the name, glance at the fact that I have a little girl sitting with me and think me worthy of a cherished position on a registered sex offender list. So yeah, I figured a name change again was in order. I tell ya, life can be pretty funny on occasion. One day you are having fun with silly names and the next day you find yourself ringing the doorbells of your neighbors to tell them about your “condition.?  Ahhhh, life, what a merry splendor of a thing. Good times.



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