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Well suck me sideways!! Retarded illegal immigration policies finally being addressed?!?! November 23, 2005, 5:43 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Immigration.

The changes detailed in this article, if they are actually enforced and followed, may finally signify the government’s willingness to deal with its more retarded immigration procedures. For those not in the know, when an illegal alien is detained, they don’t get deported right away. That would be way too easy and make way too much sense. Instead, we give them a bit of due process and schedule a trial anywhere from 30-90 days to determine whether or not they can stay or get deported. Of course, bail is set and almost always, the detainee is released on their own recognizance and order to reappear for their trial. Did you get that? Are you confused? Perhaps you are just wondering how stupid it is to expect an illegal alien, who has already broke laws by simply being there, to show up for their own trial after they have been set free where they will probably be ruled to have broken immigration laws and subject to deportation. I’m sure you will be SHOCKED, schocked to find out that the rate at which these illegal aliens fail to appear at their immigration hearings is north of 98%. See, I told you that you would be shocked. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in favor of legal immigration; it’s just the illegal kind that really gets my goat. We are the greatest country on the face of the Earth and being as such, we can afford to be a bit picky on who we let in. It’s very sad how many Russian and Eastern European PHd’s we either turn down or force to go through a multi-year process of immigration because of how messed up our current system is. Rascist or pragmatic (I’ll let you decide), but I’ll take the Ukranian nuclear physicist over the Guatemalan farm hand any day. Of course, that’s just me.



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