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Mr. Miyagi – RIP November 25, 2005, 11:02 am

Posted by quintapalus in Obituaries.

Sad news from “Karate Grand Masters who impart their knowledge and strength to undeserving blubbering vaginas” (which, incidently, was the original title of the movie “The Karate Kid” but was later dropped as they had problems fitting it all on the movie poster).

Who could possibly forget these words of advice and wisdom:

“Walk on road.

Walk right side, safe. Walk left side, safe.

Walk middle, sooner or later,

you get squished just like grape.

Here, karate same thing.

Either you karate do, yes, or karate do, no.

You karate do, “guess so,” just like grape.


And all those memories will be lost, like tears in rain…unless of course you have the DVD.




1. El Burtono - November 26, 2005, 11:58 pm

Hey didn’t we see him on the Monday night football game shaking hands with Favre?

Besides, you’ve obviously already forgotten the years of wisdom he spewed as a member of the Happy Days cast!

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