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Remember that story about Bush wanting to bomb Al-jazeera? November 26, 2005, 11:24 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Foreign Affairs.

Here is Yahoo’s account for the back story. Al-jazeera is making a big stink out of it, but really, when I originally heard the story, my first thought was “who didn’t?” I mean, I would be surprised if it wasn’t brought up and discussed. It’s so absurd that anyone would find this shocking that it reminded me immediately of episode 9F22 of “The Simpsons”, the classic Cape Fear episode. For those readers who don’t have all Simpson’s episodes memorized, this episode covers Sideshow Bob getting parolled for the 56th time and trying yet again to kill Bart, all while parodying “Cape Fear.” During Sideshow Bob’s trial, Selma testifies that Bob tried to kill her on their honeymoon. The crowd in the courtroom whispers amongst themselves, shocked at the revelation. But then Bob’s lawyer (the blue haired, glasses wearing, slimy lawyer that usually works for Mr. Burns) asks “How many people in this court are thinking of killing her right now?” A few people in the courtroom slowly raise their hands. The lawyer then presses with a “Be honest!” and almost all the hands slowly go up around the courtroom, even a priest. Hell, even her sister Patty raises her hands and declares, “Aw, she’s always leaving the toilet seat up.”

Absolutely hilarious.

Anyone with a blank stare on their face at this point is hereby ordered to close down their computer and report to the death room as you have no sense of humor. Hey, did I say “death room?” I meant “happy, fun room.” Yeah, that’s the ticket!
But seriously, being shocked over this revelation is like being surprised to find out that the world is actually run by 12 Jewish bankers, who meet tri-annually in a high-Earth orbit in their Death Star of David to make all of their secret plans.


You didn’t know that?

Ignore that last part; I’ve said too much already.



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