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What’s up with some of the reviews of “Chronicles of Narnia?” December 8, 2005, 12:41 am

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I’m not a religious guy by any mark, but even so, lines like “Despite its overarching Christian themes, Narnia delivers an entertaining yarn” from this review are more than a bit unsettling. Why “Despite?” This kind of language reminds me of one of those squishy libs who get incredibly uncomfortable around any open display of religion or faith, kind of like being the only Jewish kid at a private Christian school being forced to sing songs about Jebus.

Of course this kind of stuff is even more absurd considering the fact that C.S. Lewis was a very devout, relgious man whose books were full of Christian tones and allegory.  Aside from the fact that countless books and movies derive their main themes from Christian religion, particularly the Gospels (sin, forgiveness, redemption, betrayal, etc.), making criticism that Narnia’s “…Christian themes are, naturally, almost zealously clear” is akin to criticizing  Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ for focusing too much on Jesus and Christianity.  For Christ’s sake (pun intended), Narnia is an allegory of Christianity and I would start to worry if it that was completely taken out and secularized.



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