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Two Things from Daytime TV that Bothered Me January 3, 2006, 2:42 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Outrage.

I’ve been working out during the day for the last couple of months and as such, I am forced to watch the always craptacular examples of what passes for daytime television these days. I’m usually on the elyptical for a hour or so in front of three tv’s and the programming tends to be a mix of the following: The View, various court tv shows, Maury Povich, local news at noon, Millionaire and various soap operas.

While Millionaire was on, one segment in particular caught my attention and succeeded to piss me off. The contestant was a late 30’s, early 40’s musician who played bass in a rock band. In the part of the show that is supposed to provide the witty banter, a conversation started about her career and the fact that she has a small child (22 months). Then it progressed to “oh, that must be so hard, how do you do it” and so on and so forth. Of course this whole time, there is no mention of a husband or father or even, God forbid, a baby’s daddy. But it turns out that she gets the help she needs from Momapalooza, made up of other “Moms who rock.” Yes, she actually used that phrase. At this point, I’m thinking, “yeah, this kid is going to grow up reeeeaaaallll well-adjusted.” Kids tend to get messed up enough from growing up with just one parent, but I can only imagine how awesome it’s going to be for this kid’s earliest childhood memories is getting dropped off at some other rocker mom’s hotel room and told to “just watch TV” while she is getting banged by a Metallica roadie. As long as her kid doesn’t actually overdose on any of the heroin casually left on the coffee table, I’m sure it will grow up to be a guaranteed Rhode Scholar. I’m getting real tired of hearing how hard it is to raise a kid on your own. You know, if it that’s hard, don’t do it. There are obvious exceptions such as the death of a parent, but for the most part, single parenting is the direct result of bad decisions. And even when the guy up and leaves, how about you figure out he’s a jerk before you get knocked up. I know there’s a plaintiff cry out there for women who want to have a career and be a mom and don’t think that they should have to be penalized just because they want both. Well, I would love to wake up next to a hot blond with big tits every morning, but just because I want it to happen doesn’t mean that it’s going to. Sometimes you can’t get everything you want; sometimes you actually have to make choices, one or the other. The decision to have kids is by nature a very self-less act. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything, but you have to make some hard choices. I mean, what is the point of having a kid just to have him or her raised by a nanny. Sure you show up for all the important things, birthdays, school plays, bar mitzvahs, etc, but although the highlights of a child’s life may be the most memorable, it’s the day to day plain jane, boring child rearing that actually determines who your kid is going to grow up to be. It really can be the difference between raising a kind, generous hard working person who has respect for all walks of life and an inconsiderate, resentful little bastard. Yeesh.

The other thing this person did that pissed me off was the commentary she had to a question about which thing Princess Di spent time campaigning the ban of. The choices were land mines, smart bombs, grenades and something that the closed captioning blocked from sight. The answer, in case you are wondering, is land mines. But the first thing out of her stupid mouth was “well, I think all of these should be banned.” And this retardedly naive person is in charge of raising a kid???? It’s people like these that genuinely make me weep for the future. Yes, because if we just didn’t have these weapons, the whole world would sit down and start singing Cum-by-Ya. Good lord. Does she even have any idea how many lives have been SAVED by the use of smart bombs? Well, like most naive libs, she probably doesn’t. Krike.

/rant off



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