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They’re Your Problem Now…Volume XXIII January 4, 2006, 8:33 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Israeli / Palestinian.

The ongoing Palestinian civil war is starting to affect the neighbors (don’t tell me you didn’t know this was going on? You haven’t heard this from the MSM yet? I’m shocked, shocked I say). It shouldn’t be to anyone’s surprise why Egypt wasn’t super thrilled when Israel talked about unilateral pullout from Gaza, since it meant that they would have to police the border between their own country and the strip.

RAFAH, Gaza Strip — Hundreds of angry Palestinians streamed into Egypt on Wednesday after militants with stolen bulldozers broke through a border wall, and two Egyptian troops were killed and 30 were wounded by gunfire in the rampage.

About 3,000 Egyptian Interior Ministry troops who initially had no orders to fire swarmed the border but were forced to withdraw about a half-mile, said security forces Lt. Sameh el-Antablyan, who announced the casualties.

Gen. Essam el-Sheikh said Egyptian forces later began firing back.

The scene was one of utter chaos. An Egyptian armored vehicle was burning and hundreds of Palestinians could be seen crouched in farm fields just inside Egypt.

The militants’ rampage through the southern Gaza town of Rafah underscored the growing lawlessness in Palestinian towns, especially in Gaza, and represented the most brazen challenge to the authority of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

There is one huge issue for me though: if Egytptians are shooting at Palestinians, who am I supposed to root for? It’s always a lot easier determining who the victim is when one of them is an evil fascist Republikkkan…or Jew…or just has a lighter skin pigment in general.



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