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Some Further Analysis on That Pakistan al-Zawahiri Try… January 16, 2006, 11:54 am

Posted by quintapalus in al-Qaeda.

My previous post on the subject is here. There has been some back and forth on this event in terms of what actually took place. At first, it was hopeful that he was dead. Then it became a “we missed but we did get a good number of bad guys.” Shortly thereafter, the story was that only civilians were killed and this was a major screw up. However, despite the local protests and Musharraf ‘s obvious duplicity (to his people he expressed solidarity in their outrage, to us he is like, *wink* and *nod*, a line he must toe ever so diligently), later reports started back tracking on all the innocents killed and included a lot of other shady info like bodies being removed and other things. It’s not until you traverse a lot of different sources that you can make an attempt to put together a more complete picture. Thankfully, that is exactly what Confederate Yankee has done on his site.



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