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Yet Another Sign That The Hamas Victory Was Really a “Letting the Mask Drop” Moment… January 30, 2006, 12:46 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Foreign Affairs, Israeli / Palestinian.

al-Reuters is reporting this morning that Arab neighbors will work with Hamas led cabinet:

All the Arab governments around Israel will deal directly with a Palestinian cabinet dominated by the militant Islamist group Hamas, ignoring U.S. and European attempts to isolate the group, analysts said on Monday.

The Egyptian and Syrian governments already have good working relationships with Hamas, although some of their main domestic opponents are Islamists, and would accept a possible role as intermediaries between Hamas and the West, they added.

Egypt may press Hamas to make concessions to demands that it recognize Israel and abandon armed struggle but it will also use Hamas’s surprise election victory to argue for changes in U.S. and European policy in the Middle East, they said.

Not that it should really shock anyone who has been paying to attention to the Middle East for the last 30 years, but if there was really any hope that the US and EU would get help in isolating Hamas, it was based on folly and general ignorance of history. Still, it’s nice to see it in a newspaper that Egypt and Syria have “good working relationships” with Hamas. That’s something that used to be downplayed because it was seen as a BAD THING to be tight with Hamas. It’s the same reason why I always kept my connections with the Branch Davidians on the down low. We be tight and all, but those guys are CRAZY and it’s not something you want to go shouting from the rooftops of the world, if you know what I mean.

Of course, my favorite part of this article is about how Egypt thinks that it might be able to moderate Hamas and get them to *gasp* recognize Israel and *chortle* abandon armed struggle. Well, I’d like to get Jessica Alba to return my repeated calls and emails, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen at this point. You might as well be asking Hamas to stop breathing while you’re at it.

Here’s some advice to all the kids out there interested in diplomacy and international relations: if you are dealing with a group that has in its charter (meaning this is the bedrock ethos of their entire reason for being) that all the Jews must be exterminated and driven from the Middle East, it’s going to be difficult, nigh on impossible, to moderate from that position. You can almost see it now:

UN Guy (think Bill Lumbergh from Office Space voice): Well, we like what we see so far, but there are a few sticky points we need to address.

Hamas: Speak quickly infidel, we have many Jews to kill and not much light left to do it in.

UN Guy: Yeaaaah, that’s kind of what I was getting around to. It’s this whole “we need to kill all the Jews part” that we need to discuss. See, using the word “all” is difficult to moderate from, so if I could just get you to change that part, that would be greaaaaaaaat.

Hamas: How about three-quarters of all the Jews?

UN Guy: I was thinking more like one-quarter.

Hamas: Meet us half way?

UN Guy: Fantastic. And they said talking with you was pointless. Now don’t go trying to kill all the Jews and make me look bad.

Hamas: It’s not like anyone at the UN would care though, right!! (holds up hand for a high five)

UN Guy: (Chuckling) Man do you have our number!! (high fives) Booyeah!

As I have said before: ahhh life…what a merry splendor of a thing.



1. Browneyedgirl - February 8, 2006, 7:17 pm

Al-Reuters – HA!!

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