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Just Another Reminder That We Need To Change Our Energy Policy Sooner Rather Than Later… January 15, 2006, 4:54 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Energy, Foreign Affairs.
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Nigeria Oil Platform Attacked, Militias Battling Troops:

LAGOS, Nigeria — Nigerian troops battled militia fighters in swamps around a Royal Dutch Shell PLC oil platform that militants attacked at dawn Sunday, the third assault on Shell oil facilities in less than a week in the troubled region. Shell confirmed the attack on the Benisede oil platform in the southern oil-rich Niger Delta and said some of its staff had been injured and taken to hospital. The company also said it had begun evacuating personnel from vulnerable facilities in the region due to worsening security.

You take this story and combine it with the political uncertainty in Venezuela and the absolutely crazy shit going on in Iran and things aren’t looking too good as far as reliable oil supplies go. I don’t think that I am going too far out on a limb to suggest that India’s and China’s economies will continue to grow and not decline, thus putting more pressure on global oil supplies. It’s becoming downright negligent and dangerous for us not to pursue energy sources within our own borders. We need to drill in ANWR, go after sources in the gulf and build more nuke plants now as well as keep pushing and developing high tech as much as possible. The faster we can make the transition from being exclusively fossil fuels the better. To use an utterance commonly associated with fragile, yet developing democratic movements: faster, please.