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I Mean…It’s Almost Like He is Trying to Throw His Life Down the Toilet January 9, 2006, 10:26 pm

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Marcus Vick, brother of NFL all-pro quarterback Michael Vick, has been arrested yet again. This comes only days after he was kicked off of his team for other violations while under a zero tolerance probation. He announced he was turning pro shortly after he was kicked off the team. This time he apparentely had to get out his gat to teach some 17-year olds that they need to respect his authori-ta whilst in a McDonald’s parking lot. What a winner. His brother will probably be around to help him out, but this is becoming way too typical of today’s top athletes. Many athletes are treated like royalty starting in their later high school days, when it becomes apparent that they are going to be something special. But Marcus is even more off the charts. I mean, we are talking about the little brother of Michael Vick, the most ridiculous athlete in the history of the NFL and this guy has most of that DNA. Michael Vick paved the way for his little brother when he was in high school, so that means that Marcus was treated like Jesus since he was just a kid in the fifth grade. With that kind of upbringing, I guess I’d be shocked if he weren’t an asshole who thinks he can do whatever he wants.


Capitol One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Auburn January 2, 2006, 11:02 pm

Posted by quintapalus in Sports.
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All I got to say about that is:



UPDATE: WE WIN!!! 24-10! Auburn sucked almost as much as Section O!

Game recap here.

UPDATE: Congrats to West Virginia for also taking down an SEC team and winning their first BCS bowl.